Florgynal Probiotic Tampons


The freeze-dried probiotic bacteria in Florgynal Tampons are only released at body temperature. Once the tampon has been inserted and reaches body temperature, probiotics take around 90 minutes to spread throughout the vagina and restore protective flora. Tampons should be changed every four hours.

We recommend you use a minimum of three Florgynal Tampons per day for at least three days during your menstrual cycle. The effects are noticeable from the first use. For best results, use Florgynal Tampons for between three to six menstrual cycles.

Florgynal Tampons are recommended for menstruating women who have vaginal flora imbalances resulting in:
• Unpleasant sensations including itching, irritation, burning sensations and unpleasant odours
• Vaginal infections including vaginosis and recurrent vaginal mycosis

Menstruation is ideal for restoring vaginal flora, because it is during this time that the risk of imbalance is at its highest.

The LN (Lacto Naturel) patented probiotic in Florgynal Tampons is composed of three Lactobacillus strains which are naturally present in healthy vaginal flora and which maintain its bacterial balance.

Florgynal Tampons have been sold in Sweden under the brand name Ellen since 2002. Since this date, over 11 million units have been sold, and no side effects have been reported. There is no risk of overdose. You can use Florgynal Tampons during each menstrual cycle for as long as you wish.

You can alternate between Florgynal Tampons and other forms of protection as long as you continue to use three Florgynal Tampons per day for a minimum of three days.

It is not recommended to use Florgynal Tampons when you do not have your period. It is difficult to insert tampons when you are not menstruating, especially when you suffer from flora imbalances and irritation.

The probiotics in Florgynal Tampons keep better when protected from light, heat and humidity in tins. Tins ensure the product is conserved longer.